Complaints Procedure

We appreciate that from time to time parents will have concerns. In order to deal with such situations effectively it is important to follow the correct procedure as outlined in our school complaints policy (see link below). The steps below are a basic summary of the route you should take when raising a concern:

Step 1
  • Raise concerns with your child's class teacher
  • Should the situation remain unresolved follow on to Step 2

Step 2
  • Share the complaint or concern with the headteacher informally.
  • One governor may be able to support at this point or support may be requested from Children's Services
  • Should the situation remain unresolved follow on to Step 3

Step 3
  • Write a formal complaint letter to the headteacher
  • Only if the situation still remains unresolved should the matter then be referred to Step 4
Step 4
  • Governor Complaints Panel
  • It is important that complaints and concerns are raised following the correct procedure, for example, contacting governors prematurely will make it difficult to hold an effective complaints panel. 

If you have any questions or would like a paper copy of this policy, please contact the school office.