We follow objectives from the National Curriculum and the document below details these objectives. Within some areas of learning, some of the KS1 objectives will have been covered previously in Year 1 and some of the KS2 objectives for Year 3 will be covered in Year 4 as the school works on a 2 year rolling programme. 
We have 6 topics within the academic year. Squirrel's topics are as follows - 
  • Autumn 1  - Traditional Tales 
  • Autumn 2 - Lights of the World 
  • Spring 1 - Explorers 
  • Spring 2 - The Seaside 
  • Summer 1 - Take One Picture 
  • Summer 2 - Birds of Prey 
There will be a topic overview for each half term to outline what areas of the curriculum we will be covering for that half term.