Number Formation


I have noticed recently that the children in Hedgehog class could use a little extra practice with the number formation so I have put together some activities that you could try at home.


Practicing writing numbers can be much more fun that just using paper and pencils.The pictures attached show some different practical and fun activities to try. You could also use tablets by downloading apps such as Joy Doodle where children can practice their numbers in rainbow colours. You will also find a document which included rhymes which may help the children remember how to write numbers.


I have also printed a booklet of number fomation sheets which the children will be bringing home tonight. These do not need to come back into school but you can use them as and when you get a free moment. A 'little and often' approach is usually more effective. I have attached a copy of these in case you would like to print additional copies. 


Of course, we will be working hard on our number formation in school too but your support with this will help the children to be secure with their number writing much quicker. We'd love to see how you are getting on so do share anything you try with us on Tapestry.

Thank you for your continued support.