Phonics and Reading

Reading at School 
We teach reading through phonics and use the Read, Write, Inc programme. It aims to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers. We hear the children read 1:1, as a group and throughout lessons during the school week. 
Our reading scheme at school is organised into colour bands, as shown below. Ideally children will be able to read 90% of the book so there is an element of reading fluency and challenge. 
  • Red
  • Green/Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange/Yellow
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Grey+
  • Rainbow (free reader)
How to Help at Home 
  • Read every night, even if just 1 or 2 pages. 
  • Re-read the same books to build up children's reading fluency. Their reading will become speedier and they will understand what they are reading. 
  • Sharing picture books with your child. 
  • Develop vocabulary and language by talking with your child.
  • Encourage your child to read with expression, especially when a character is speaking in the book.
  • Read a variety books such as fiction, non-fiction, real stories, magic stories, familiar characters and new characters. 
  • Talk about the story, characters, words and pictures. Discuss what they have just read and what they think might happen next. How, why and when questions are a good start.
Recommended Reading Lists
Below are some recommended books that you can share with your child. Not all children enjoy the same reading books however this list provides a starting point.
Phonics Sessions
Throughout our time during remote learning, these videos were pre-recorded. All the video links are below if children wish to re watch for additional consolidation.