Teaching and Learning

School Improvement and Development Plans 2018-19

In response to recent performance and the school's last OFSTED inspection, and LA Intervention the governors and leadership have developed School Improvement and Development plans to improve progress. The plan is under regular review. The school engages with external support and monitoring to ensure continued progress .
Area for improvement
Teaching and learning – Ensure that all children make rapid progress from their starting points
What do we need to do? How are we going to do it? How will we know if we have achieved it?
Ensure that expectations are raised in all subjects for all children, particularly the most able
  • Communicate high expectations, through developing our behaviour policy to include behaviours for learning as well as improving our marking and feedback.
  • Expectations regarding quality and quantity of work are clear
  • Children reach or exceed age related expectations
  • Children will know what is expected of them and can talk about it
  • Improvements in quality of work across the school
  • Shared values and effective Behaviour for learning in place across the school
Effective making and feedback policy in place
  • Agree effective practice which will impact on children’s learning
  • Teachers have opportunities to see a range of practice, working together, and with other schools
  • Agree school policy with common practice across the school
  • Policy in place
  • Common practice visible across the school
  • Children receive effective feedback which moves learning forward
  • Children understand their next steps
Ensure Teaching is consistently good or better
  • INSET on quality of teaching
  • Agree planning formats with teaching staff for English and maths
  • Regular programme of monitoring and lesson observation criteria agreed
  • Mentor support from colleagues, opportunities to observe colleagues/good practice
  • Children make progress in line with other children nationally
  • Lesson observations /work scrutiny show that teaching is consistently good or better and children make good progress in lesson
  • Shared understanding of what good teaching looks like
  • Common effective planning formats in place
  • Leadership have a good understanding of teaching needs across the school and areas for improvement
  • Good practice is shared across the school and teachers feel supported