Topic Overview 2018/2019

Autumn 1 People Who Help Us
Autumn 2 Celebrations / Light and Dark
Spring 1 Fairy Tales
Spring 2 Animals
Sumer 1 Over the Rainbow
Summer 2 Dinosaurs
Rainbow Challenges
I have introduced 'rainbow challenges' to encourage children to access all areas of their environment. The children enjoyed trialling this at the end of last half term. I have now created a display where they can celebrate their achievements.

How does it work?
Each area is represented by a colour of the rainbow. When children have been seen to be interactive with an area of learning, they will receive a matching lollipop stick to go in their cup. This will help adults to keep track against the Early Learning Goals in the seven areas of EYFS (We have combined Comm. and Language and Literacy into English)

  • Red - Maths
  • Orange - English
  • Yellow - Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Green - Expressive Arts and Design
  • Blue - Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Purple - Physical Development
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