At Yaxham we want our children to think critically about history and share their ideas effectively as well as reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past. We want our children to feel a sense of curiosity when learning history and we provide them with the resources they need to facilitate their exploration of the past. We want our children to recall relevant facts, be able to discuss chronology, and explain experiences of others taking into account how this has an impact on how we live today. We create enthusiastic learners who have developed the ability to empathise with historical content, as well as gain knowledge of key historical facts.


We have divided our subject knowledge into three main threads - pioneers, kingship and invaders. Within each of these threads, we ensure each child has a wealth of knowledge from a variety of significant periods in time. Key skills are interwoven between these threads, progressing through year groups and building on prior skills. Every classroom has a timeline that provides opportunities for historical learning across the curriculum. 


We assess the achievement of our aims through attainment, improved standards, attitudes to learning and tailored assessment. D:\School\Vision\Yaxham Primary School - Values graphic\Yaxham Primary School - Values graphic_RGB\Yaxham Primary School - Values graphic_RGB_LAN\Yaxham Primary School - Values graphic_RGB_LAN.jpg