MFL at Yaxham


At Yaxham we recognise that many of our children will have limited experience of cultures and languages other than their own.

We aim to give children an interest in, and love of a second language.

We have chosen Spanish at Yaxham because it is a phonetic language which is widely spoken throughout the world.

In Key stage 1 children will be exposed to a range of other languages thought their topic areas and through personal experiences.  They will be taught to respect other cultures and we will foster in them a love and excitement of languages other than English.

By the end of year 6 we aim for our children to be able to:

ü Use a range or phrases and vocabulary to communicate accurately and with an ear for accurate pronunciation.

ü To listen to or read a simple passage about family, weather of food and enjoy being able to translate most of it; using context to guess unfamiliar words.

ü Be able to write simply in Spanish using a range of nouns and the verbs to be and to have.

ü To know a variety of simple poems, stories and songs in Spanish.

The children have been learning how to read, write and say food items and pet animals in Spanish.