Remote Learning

Our plan below outlines what parents can expect as their children begin to access remote learning. We have adapted our teaching methods to ensure the children continue to access a broad curriculum wherever they are. 
Parents and children can access plans through our online learning journals on Tapestry, the majority of our learning will also be available on the class pages of our website. Not all resources can be shared on the website as they may infringe copyright. 
Teaching Approaches for Remote Learning
  • Recorded teaching - teachers will record a range of audio/video  as well as resources such as White Rose Maths and Oak Academy when appropriate
  • All children have access to paper packs of resources they need such as maths and handwriting sheets. 
  • Children may be directed to commercially available websites for teaching of specific subjects
  • Children will have directed tasks such as research information, ongoing art projects.
  • Live sessions - local internet access can be unreliable for staff and families, making live sessions a challenge. Whilst we await the arrival of improvements to the system in the coming weeks teachers will plan a range of live sessions to allow children to connect. Parents will receive invitations  and joining instructions when these sessions are planned. 
Teachers plans will endeavour to strike a healthy balance between screen time and other activities to ensure children can remain active.  

Spring 1
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths/Computing
English  English  English  English  English
Shared reading Shared reading Shared reading Shared reading Shared reading
PE Art

Topic based on

Science, History, Geography 
Music RE
Spanish PSHE or RSE Reward time
Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship Collective Worship
English sessions will include; Phonics, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation and handwriting. 
The approach to sessions will vary according to age. It is expected that by Key 1 children should access learning which would take 3 hours in the classroom. This increases to 4 hours for Key Stage 2. We appreciate that the length of a task will vary at home and we ask parents to exercise judgement. By planning a whole school timetable we aim to support families with more than one child at home. Parents and children are able to share learning through the online journal or email. Staff provide daily feedback and are in regular contact with families, this means teachers are able to evaluate and adjust plans to meet the needs of our children learning from home as well as move learning on effectively.
As a school we appreciate the challenge of remote learning with limited technology and will support all we can to ensure children have access to technology. Parents have access to paper versions of tasks as well as additional resources required.  We ask any parents to contact us should they require further support. 
We strive to maintain access to as broader curriculum as possible. For example, this half term Year 3/4 have ukuleles on loan to access music teaching. The school has created a collection point which allows parents to collect resources, including reading books, on a daily basis.