At Yaxham Primary School we teach the National Curriculum (2014).

Our duty is to help develop literate and numerate children. English and Maths are usually taught as discreet subjects every school day. These skills are practised and applied throughout the broader curriculum. Our children are encouraged to become active, engaged and hard-working learners, who will develop a life-long love of learning.

We believe that our children deserve to have positive and varied learning experiences (both in school and out) and encourage them to approach life scientifically, technologically, artistically, musically and spiritually.

As a church school, we are committed to help develop the children's knowledge, awareness and understanding of their own beliefs and the beliefs of others. Our children understand their rights as individuals but also their responsibilities to others. We have a two year planning cycle in place to ensure children learn about and from the worlds major religions as well as Christianity.

Our curriculum reflects our school's place within our village, our county, our nation and our world. Central to it are the needs of each individual child as we journey with them towards greater academic, social, emotional and spiritual fulfilment.

Reception and Key Stage 1 use a specialist phonics package called 'Read Write Inc' developed by Ruth Miskin one of the UK's leading authorities on teaching children to read.

As a school we follow the White Rose Maths schemes of learning which supports mastery. This link may answer any questions parents may have about supporting mathematical learning at home.  

Below you will find the documents which details how the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum is covered within our classes over a two year rolling program.
Religious Education
Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus. As a Voluntary Aided school (VA) with a Christian foundation, there is a focus o Christianity in each year. There is also the opportunity for children to learn about and evaluate their views on other world religions.
Religious Education enables children to appreciate their belief and culture, as well as those of other people. Helping them to develop a clear understanding of the significance of religion in their own area and in the world today. Religious Education promotes understanding and respect, challenging prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. 
Religious Education is also concerned with the individual and promotes children's feeling of self-worth, enabling them to reflect on their uniqueness as human beings, to share their feelings and emotions with others and appreciate the importance of forming and maintaining positive relationships. 
At Yaxham Church of England Primary School we strongly believe that the purpose of RE  is religious literacy. Our aim is that all children will be able to hold a balanced and well informed conversation about religion and belief. In order to fulfil this purpose Religious Education in our school provides a balance of theology, philosophy and human/social sciences.