At Yaxham Primary School, reading is at the heart of everything we do and is intertwined throughout the learning of all year groups.


In Reception, we have used the descriptors from ‘Development Matters’ guidance to ensure our children have a clear progression of skills and knowledge in regards to reading from the very start of their school career. This skills and knowledge is taught in a linear approach to ensure a clear learning development for all.


In Reception and Key Stage One we follow the phonics scheme ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ which has meant that we are able to ensure good outcomes for our children as readers. We continue to follow this scheme into Key Stage Two in regards to spelling. This means that at all times we are confident in the teaching our children have experienced and the learning they are building upon.


We foster a love of learning through enthusiasm for books and reading which is demonstrated through every class having a novel or story on the go in class throughout the year as well as ensuring daily opportunities are created for independent reading.


Our library is widely used by all and children are encouraged to choose books that they find interesting and will enjoy. Our library is organised in a manner in which children are able to access books by genre and by the age-appropriateness of the text. We value children being empowered to access their library with independence but also ensure that members of staff are available to support children with their choices.


Every classroom has a well-resourced book corner where the books are regularly rotated to encourage interest. Teachers also ensure that high quality texts are widely used in a range of subject areas.


Parents are continuously engaged in the development of their child’s reading by, not only encouraging them to hear their child read their book, but by also engaging them in inspiring their children as readers by being readers themselves. We feel it is incredibly important that parents understand the long-term benefits of children being confident and avid readers and that by reading to their child, even in Key Stage Two, they can help to promote this.


Take a look at our plan below for more information about what that looks like.