In Reception, children work towards ‘Early Learning Goals’. The majority of pupils will achieve these goals by the end of Reception, some children will make further progress and some may need to work towards some of these goals at the end of reception. The early learning goals are divided into seven areas of learning and development. 

At the end of the year Reception children are assessed as to whether they have met each of these 17 goals.

Emerging means they have not yet met this goal.

Expected means they have met the goal and are working at the expected level. 

Exceeding means they are working above the expected level for a Reception child. 
Year 1 children follow objectives from the National Curriculum. The document attatched below details these objectives. The objectives within some areas of learning will be covered across year 1 and then year 2 aswell (ks1). 
In June year 1 children take the Phonics Screening Check. This involves them attempting to read 40 real and nonsense 'alien' words. If a child does not meet the pass mark for this in year 1, they are able to retake it in year 2. 

Our Topics:

Autumn 1

London’s Burning!

Autumn 2


Spring 1

Fairy Tales

Spring 2


Summer 1

Over the Rainbow

Summer 2


There will be a website page for each half-term. Visit this page to find the curriculum maps and home learning challenges for that topic.