On this page you will find the weekly homework. Please submit homework via Tapestry or the class email address: foxes@yaxhamprimaryschool.co.uk
Homework set Friday 9th July 2021, to be submitted by Wednesday 14th July:
Last week's spelling if you need to practise again...
competition, criticise, desperate, conscious, curiosity, definite, conscience, community

Our Year in Reading

As the year draws to a close I would like you to reflect on your year in books. They can be books you have enjoyed in Fox class or your own personal choice. I would love to see how many books have excited and inspired you this year. We will look at these together and see if we have enjoyed similar books or maybe get some recommendations from your friends.
Lots of children in other schools have been doing the same so I have attached a couple of examples to get you thinking. I spotted several I would like to try so you can guess what I will be doing this weekend!

Reading and Times Tables
Make sure you are practising your times tables regularly at home by using Times Tables Rockstars, Hit the Button website, or getting someone at home to test you.
Make sure you are reading regularly at home (at least 30 minutes 5 times a week).